Miss Kitty Tales, Chapter 3

9 January 2017

By: Yaeli Rockwell
In our latest installment of Miss Kitty Tales, we are introducing Stevie and Bogart! These are 2 of the sweetest babies ever!!! They deserve to find their amazing forever homes, so please watch and share!



If I was tasked to name this kitty, she would be named, “Olympian”, due to her unbridled energy and fun disposition. But make no mistake, this sweet lady has humble beginnings. As a baby, she was heard crying softly in some nearby woods…eventually leading a kind gentleman to find her all alone, sick, and near-death. So, it seemed natural to name her Stevie- a namesake for Steve, the hero that saved her life. Plus, her future status as an Olympian wouldn’t have been foreseen in those early days, because she was soooo weak and malnourished. A pitiful sight for sure! The Miss Kitty kennel manager, Regina, said that the entire staff fell in love with this girl; even Dr. McGarrah (veterinarian from adjoining South Georgia Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic)! So, home with Dr. McGarrah Stevie went, where she healed beautifully thanks to 24/7 vet access and a 5-star private recovery suite. Who could ask for more than that?!? So, after the luxurious spoiling came to an end, Stevie was transferred to be amongst many friends at the Miss Kitty sanctuary. Stevie is about 1 year-old, and she is an active, playing ma-chine! She loves to be scratched and cuddled too- so she is really the total package. Check out her video, and a smile is promised. Please come meet her asap, she won’t be at the sanctuary for too long, I feel sure.

And then there’s Bogart



Sweet Bogart…should have been named “resilience” for overcoming tragedy as a newborn kitten, and thriving ever since. We have no idea how, but this guy got separated from his mother and siblings, and was a lone kitten when he came into the sanctuary. A new litter of siblings adopted him, and he was bottle fed by Miss Kitty’s loving kennel manager, Regina. He has been a non-stop love machine ever since! Regina has a special bond with this boy (you’ll see how much he loves her in the video), but she wants to see him find his perfect forever home. Bogart is still just a young kitten of about 6 months! He is full of energy and loves to climb and play. He is super adorable, and LOVES attention…especially being held, and nuzzling necks. You’ll also hearing him chatting when he’s in the mood- another charming personality trait! This sweet boy is full of life, and will surely bring joy to anyone’s heart. Please come meet him today!

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