Miss Kitty Tales, Chapter 2

20 December 2016

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December 18, 2016
By: Yaeli Rockwell

Gamma, demanding some love!

Gamma, demanding some love!

In our second installment of Miss Kitty Tales, we are introducing Chopper and Gamma! And, we are so happy to share that sweet baby, Chopper has found his forever home! Happy Tales! Love you, Chopper!!! Gamma is still waiting for her forever home, so please watch and share!

Check out Chopper’s story and video, then smile!

Something about this young boy resonates as “old soul”, with the Miss Kitty staff. Perhaps it is his affinity for quiet, or his love of classical music, that makes it seem as though this is not his first time around. It’s like destiny that Chopper crossed paths with the Miss Kitty folks…somehow, not too long ago he appeared in the sanctuary parking lot. Apparently, there is a vortex or wormhole at Covington Road, that results in kitties appearing on the pavement every so often. But, I digress. Chopper, is a wise and gentle soul. He is about 7-8 months old, and has been living at the sanctuary for a few months now. He LOVES to be held…particularly in a ‘shoulder-mount’. He plays plays plays with his human friends, and intuitively knows that he gets tons of love in return by keeping his claws retracted. Yes, that’s right…he plays tirelessly, without ever scratching human skin. We would love to see him light up someone’s life, just like he is lighting up ours each day. A quieter home is ideal, and you are guaranteed a best friend if you give him a chance. CHOPPER ADOPTED!! 11/2016!!!

Meet Gamma!

The beautiful, Gamma is a little cuddle bunny and is about 9-10 months old. Her stay at the sanctuary came about due to a rough start in life, after she was found living in a hoarding situation. A local dog-rescue went to the home to pick up a dog that was being surrendered, and found an additional 15+ animals that weren’t being cared for. Gamma was super lucky, and found her way to the loving crew at Miss Kitty; all thanks to some dog-loving folks who stepped up to help. Gamma is great with other cats, and will make a super sweet companion for anyone. Check out her video where you’ll see her demonstrating that her heart is bigger than her stomach when she chooses cuddling over eating…always a good choice! Please come meet her today, and fall in love!

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