Miss Kitty Tales, Chapter 1

30 November 2016

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November 30, 2016

By: Yaeli Rockwell

Hello friends, please meet Cherokee Rose and Xena!!!


Cherokee Rose

Cherokee Rose is a Chatty Cathy kind of kitty who is good with other pets, kids etc.. She LOVES petting, and you’ll notice that she even makes air biscuits while she is waiting to be petted…she sounds so precious when she does her little chirp for more love and attention! A little bit of Cherokee Rose’s background demands a little side story about the phenomenal crew at Ms. Kitty.  Because not only does this group of exceptional folks care for numerous kitties in their sanctuary, provide spay/neuter services and excellent nursing care for hundreds of kitties each week, they are also professional tree climbers! Huh…wait…did you say, tree climbers??? You might ask…how or why would these folks be out climbing trees when they have a sanctuary and medical facility to run? Well, they joined the ranks of professionals, earning the tree climbing badge…doing what else…helping a kitty! In fact, this was an adorable tuxedo lady, awaiting rescue at the top of a tall tree on the edge of Cherokee Lake! It seemed a dog had been off the leash and scared this lone kitty into scaling her way to safety, but of course, she was unable to head back down once the smoke…ahem, canine had cleared.  So, seeing as how the Ms. Kitty crew are suckers for kitties and tree climbing, the precious kitty, appropriately named, Cherokee Rose was rescued.

Cherokee Rose, as she remains today, was a forcefully sweet and loving kitty. Excellent with other kitties, people and yes….even dogs, she was adopted by a young man.  They were a great pair, but then suddenly the young man met another, a human, and this human was jealous of the bond between her boyfriend and the gorgeous Cherokee Rose. The girlfriend gave an ultimatum- it would be her or the kitty, and the unwise young man gave in, and surrendered Cherokee Rose back to Ms. Kitty Feline Sanctuary. How awful, right? The Ms. Kitty staff agrees, but are relieved that Cherokee Rose is safe and happy in the meantime, while she awaits the perfect FOREVER home! As the video shows, Cherokee Rose is an absolute a SWEETHEART, and she is healthy, spayed, current on vaccines, and will make the perfect pet for almost anyone. Please come by and meet her today. You will fall in love, we promise!!!


Xena is not to be outshined by the lovely Cherokee Rose!

Xena is an absolutely precious girl who was SOOOO sick and underweight as a young teenage mother, that she and her 1 surviving kitten were relinquished to Ms. Kitty from another animal organization. Said organization reported that they had tried and tried to get Xena to eat, but to no avail. There was talk that she had been grieving for the loss of her other kittens, but regardless of the reason, she wasn’t eating and she and her kitten were quickly deteriorating.  So…of course, they did what any logical organization would do, and they called the top notch, miracle working crew at Ms. Kitty to see if they could help.  Ms. Kitty’s long-time shelter manager and cat whisperer, Regina got the call, and her instincts told her that sweet Xena and her kitten could be healed, and ultimately healthy in loving forever homes.



So, it was agreed…Ms. Kitty accepted Xena and her kitten, dubbed Zipco, into the sanctuary for specialized care in the medical ward. Upon arrival, Xena matter-of-factly informed Ms. Kitty staff that the food she was getting from the previous organization was just, “subpar and frankly, unacceptable!” Xena and Regina agreed that Xena and Zipco would be given an assortment of fine cuisine to sample, and sure enough, they readily inhaled all the canned fish and chicken that their stomachs could hold. The spoiling was certainly fun while it lasted, which wasn’t very long, since eating with reckless abandon puts the weight on quick! It seems overly simple, but yes it’s true…Xena, and by proxy, Zipco, were healed with proper nutrition and attention from Regina and all of the loving angels at Ms. Kitty. There were no complications, or underlying illnesses…just simply, a change of environment and attention to unspoken….pardon, the articulation of Xena herself, allowed for these 2 great kitties to be fully healthy in no time! So, with the clearance from the medical team, these 2 sweethearts were upgraded from the medical ward into the play area with another group of loving kitties also awaiting forever homes. Zipco was recently adopted, and Ms. Kitty’s staff was sure that he and his mom would be adopted as a pair, but Zipco got adopted by a great family, and now it’s his mom’s turn! As you see in the video, this gorgeous smushed face girl is an absolute doll! A mashed potato! We love this petite girl and you will too! She is healthy, spayed, and current on vaccines, and is still just a young lady of about 2 years old. Please come by and meet Xena ASAP, she will bring much joy into your heart, we promise!


Adopt Cherokee Rose or Xena!!! Or, Adopt both! Click below to learn more: 

How To Adopt From Miss Kitty’s

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