Losing Miss Kitty-Memorial to be established

29 August 2014
Press Releases

THOMASVILLE — Miss Kitty, the cat for whom Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary was named, lost her battle with cancer on Saturday, Aug. 16.

Miss Kitty was diagnosed with cancer of the mammary glands three months ago and underwent surgery to remove the affected glands.

 “Apparently, the progression of that type of cancer goes to the lungs,” said Jerry Henderson, Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary founder and president.

Miss Kitty made her home with Henderson and his wife, Bettye.

The night before her death, Mr. Henderson noticed Miss Kitty was sluggish. She would not eat.

The next day, her breathing was labored, and she was rushed to a veterinarian. “It hit her all at once,” Henderson explained.

Rather than subject Miss Kitty to the terrible pain she obviously was experiencing, she was euthanized.

Miss Kitty’s beginnings were as a stray. She and a companion stray, Petunia, showed up in the back yard of the Hendersons’ Thomasville home within a day of each other.

“Both delivered four kittens. That was an immediate addition of 10, eight babies and two mothers,” Henderson recalled. With the exception of a kitten who died six years ago, the kittens, along with Petunia, continue to live with the Hendersons.

By Patti Dozier patti.dozier@gaflnews.com


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