Fresh Air Fund

Since its inception, Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary has been committed to developing a cat sanctuary that would include areas where resident cats could enjoy fresh air. The concept anticipated both indoor housing and secure outside areas. The cats would have the option to be either inside the sanctuary building or in the outdoor secure runs.

Upon successful funding of the Fresh Air Fund project described above, the construction will provide a very important part of the overall Miss Kitty Sanctuary. It is anticipated that the health and welfare of the resident cats will also be greatly enhanced.

As a NO KILL and NO CAGE cat sanctuary, the new improvements by Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary will enable our facility to be one of the first in the State of Georgia to provide this level of care and support. The improvements will enable the facility to accommodate up to 100 additional resident cats.

Being a charitable, not-for-profit corporation, we rely solely on contributions from our supporters and friends to support our organization. We hope you will consider this very important project with your TAX DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTION. Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary is a 501(C)(3) charitable non-profit corporation and all donations to Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary are deductible for federal income tax purposes.

THANK YOU for your consideration and support!

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