22 October 2011
Press Releases

Patti Dozier CNHI

THOMASVILLE — The entrance area of Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary was abuzz Saturday morning. Volunteers scurried about preparing to perform all sorts of chores.

Elsewhere inside the Covington Avenue facility, more activity was under way. Outdoors, shrubbery was being pruned, and workers tended to the building’s exterior.

“All of these are things that need to be done,” Jerry Henderson, Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary founder and president, said.

Several people were laying a new floor in a cat room and in the laundry room. Other rooms that house cats were being disinfected.

Henderson estimated that Hands On Thomas County volunteers would save the organization $1,000 by donating their services and supplies.

Jim Henderson, Rob Taylor and Allen Thornhill, volunteers from Red Hills Disc Golf, were laying a new floor in a cat room.

“It makes me feel good to be able to give back to the community,” Taylor said.

Kay Rehberg, who works in commercial sales at Lowe’s, said her company cares about the community.

“Employees also care. They’re all from the community,” said Rehberg, as she participated in the laying of the new cat-room floor.

Thornhill considers his volunteer work “an awesome opportunity.” “We’re all so blessed to have the ability to do this,” he said.

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