Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a no-kill shelter?
We are a no-kill shelter. For this reason many people want to bring their animals to us because they view us as a safe alternative to the traditional shelter. Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary cannot possibly be responsible for every animal in our area, but we will gladly "work with" surrenders to find suitable options.
What are your business hours?
We love visitors.
If you want to stop by during the week, there is someone here Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, and Saturday from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to adopt a cat, please call or email us anytime.

Phone: (229) 236-0167
Use our Contact Us form to send us an e-mail.
How many cats do you house at Miss Kitty?
We house an average of about 130 cats and kittens. That number changes during the Spring when lots of kittens are born.
Do you take in feral cats?
Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary only accepts cats that can interact with people safely and are socialized.
Do cats / kittens need to be trained to use a litter box?
As long as you show the kitty where the litter box is and they can access it easily at anytime, they instinctively know it is where they use the bathroom. It is also very important to clean the box daily. If the box becomes to dirty and full of waste the cat or kitten is likely to find a cleaner place to go. Just like people, they don't like to use a dirty bathroom.For best result with litter box use, keep this rule of thumb in mind:

# of cats + 1 = # of litter boxes needed
1 cat = 2 litter boxes
2 cats = 3 litter boxes
3 cats = 4 litter boxes
Are there circumstances when you do euthanize?
While Miss Kitty's Feline Sanctuary is a no-kill shelter, however, we still have to deal with the issue of euthanasia for some of our animals. Below is a guide so that you can understand under what circumstances such a decision will be made.


Euthanasia: The act or practice of painlessly ending the life of an animal that has a terminal illness, injury or incurable condition, as by giving a lethal drug.

No-Kill Shelter -is an organization that only euthanizes animals for the above reasons and has the goal of adoption for every animal in its care.

Animal Sanctuary - A sanctuary's goal is to provide life long care to the animals in its care. Some view this as a place that animals will go to live out the rest of their lives or a hospice for animals.

Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary is a no-kill shelter with the goal of adoption for every animal. Therefore, we do not allow animals into our shelter that can not be safely adopted such as feral (wild) cats. However, there are other organizations that specialize in these cases and we will be happy to talk with you about your options.

Special Cases in which Miss Kitty's Feline Sanctuary will euthanize:

Terminal Illness: Examples would be kidney failure or any other illness that will result in slow painful death for an animal.

Injury: Minor injuries such as a broken leg or something that can be corrected with routine surgery are not reason for euthanasia. However, major injures such as internal damage due to being hit by a car are.

Incurable condition: An illness or condition that results in a poor quality of life. Example would be uncontrollable diabetes, or any other condition deemed untreatable with normal medical care by our medical staff.

Later Stages of Heart Worms: Factors such as the cat’s strength, age, and other physical conditions as well as the aggressiveness of the illness will be considered in the final decision.