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25 March 2010
Press Releases

Patti Dozier

THOMASVILLE — Bettye and Jerry Henderson’s love affair with cats began when a tiny, cripple kitten showed up in their Sarasota, Fla., garage.

They got medical care for the kitten and took it into their home and lives. Soon, they adopted a stray cat.

The Hendersons, who moved to Thomasville 18 years ago, have undertaken the establishment of a no-kill, no-cages cat sanctuary to be known as Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary Inc.

“You call a dog, and he comes to you. You call a cat, he takes a message and will get back to you,” Mr. Henderson told a Tuesday meeting of Episcopal Church Women at St. Thomas Episcopal Church.

Several years ago, Henderson and others began considering what should be done about the rapidly increasing population of unwanted cats. The concept gathered real steam in 2009.

The facility the Hendersons and their nine-member board of directors have in mind would be operated entirely by volunteers. Cats residing at the 8,500-square-foot sanctuary would be made ready for adoption by qualified people. As cats are adopted, space will become available for new feline residents.

Henderson, a retired investment banker, thinks Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary will be the largest no-kill, no-cages facility catering to cats only in Georgia.

Covered, enclosed, outside runs would feature trees for climbing, ladders to scale to reach various levels of catwalks, make-believe above-ground tunnels for exploring, beds for sleeping and hiding places from which to pounce.

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