Blind Orphan Kitten Finds a Home

2 November 2013
Press Releases

Patti Dozier CNHI

THOMASVILLE — Anyone who saw the kitten when she was rescued from alongside a Brooks County road would not have given her much of a chance for survival.

The tiny black-and-white kitten weighed only a few ounces. Her right eye bulged from its socket in a big, ugly, red mass. The other eye, obviously infected, opened only halfway.

James Sloan was on his rural mail delivery route in mid-August when the kitten saga began.

“I saw this little black thing lying in the grass. I thought it was a black bird that had been injured,” Sloan, a Quitman resident, explained.

When he got closer, Sloan realized it was a cat. He continued on his route, thinking a mother cat probably was moving her kittens. As he passed the site a few minutes later, the kitten was still there.

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