A Home For Miss Kitty

6 August 2010
Press Releases

Local sanctuary to open doors and hearts to stray, feral cats

Patti Dozier CNHI

THOMASVILLE — Despite her celebrity status, Miss Kitty is wary of the spotlight. She is a bashful feline familiar with being a homeless stray.

Miss Kitty showed up at the Thomasville home of Bettye and Jerry Henderson several years ago and promptly gave birth to four kittens in the family’s dining room. She continues to make her home with the Hendersons.

Miss Kitty is a lucky cat. She wandered up to the right house in time to deliver a litter of kittens. The Hendersons took in the feline family of five.

Few stray cats are so fortunate, and feral felines lead an even sadder existence.

The Hendersons, a board of directors and other volunteers have taken bold steps to make a difference in the world of local cats.

Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary Inc. purchased a Covington Avenue building that is undergoing renovations and repairs to house up to 200 cats in a no-kill, no-cage facility operated solely by volunteers.

“We receive no funding from any city, county or federal organization,” Mr. Henderson said. “Miss Kitty exists solely due to some individuals being concerned about the increasing stray and homeless cats in our community.”

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